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Heidi Efrat

Finnish - Israeli artist

born  1979


The process of creation starts from a blank canvas and head full of things. 

I believe my art to reflect the individual moments and emotions of that particular time of life. But the reflection of mine is not the reflection of the viewer. Therefore, my paintings stay alive and their point of view is varying through time and is dependent of ourselves.

So, it is not as much the beauty I am looking for, but instead, what is the work of art making one feel and think.

While I create these layers of  existence of myself, I am offering an opportunity for the viewer to blend it into another reality; of his or her own.

The greatest joy of painting for me, is the process; how, like in life, combining clear ideas with confusion, hard work with wonderful flow of series of events, dedication and honesty, creates something unique and very true.

I have succeeded as an artist, if my art makes you stop in front of it and brings up something unexpected inside of you.

-Heidi Efrat. Artist

contemporary art-modern art-abstract art-fine art

Design institute Lahti, Finland 2003 - Designer BA

Freelance VisualArtist

In private collections in Finland, Israel, Germany, France, Philippines and Bulgaria.

2022 Biennale for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, BG

2021 Collective, Oborishte5, Sofia, BG

2021 Women in art, collective, Art House, Sofia, BG

2021 Love is in the air, collective, Sofia BG

2020-21 Public spaces, Hilton Hotel, Sofia, BG

2020 ARTCO19 art expo, Sofia, Bulgaria

2020 Contemporary, solo, Arte, Velingrad, Bulgaria

2019 My traditional perspective on art, solo, Sofia, BG

2019 MOST 2019 Winners' exhibition, collective, Sofia, BG, 

2019 EU Presidency celebrations, solo, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018 Carneval lights, solo, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018 Art Foundation, collective, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018 Art house Sofia, solo, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017 Pop-up, solo, Sofia Bulgaria

2016 Private events, Manila Philippines

2014 Salcedo towers, collective, Manila, Philippines

2014 BPI Bank, entrance hall, Manila, Philippines

2013 Community hall, solo, Israel

2013 Views, solo, Giv’athaim Israel

2012 Kokoon, collective, Munich, Germany

2011 Coffee house, solo, Nurmes, Finland

2011 City meeting point, solo, Nurmes, Finland


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